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Around Talkeetna

Talkeetna, a small Alaskan town big on character and rich in history, is located about 115 miles North of Anchorage and 14 miles off the Parks Highway. Talkeetna - quaint, quiet and snow-covered in winter - becomes a lush & green, bustling hub for international climbers, visitors and anglers during the summer season.

Talkeetna is listed on the National Register of Historic places.  You may be surprised to find a Historical Museum with artifacts, a local brewery, and a European chocolate shop tucked away in such a small town, but keep searching and Talkeetna will not deprive gourmands used to cosmopolitan choices with the variety and skill of chefs using fresh and local ingredients.

-Stop by on the Alaska Railroad, or take the Flag-stop train to Hurricane Gulch
-Visit the National Park Service Ranger Station to learn aspects of climbing Mt. McKinley
-Take a walk on the Talkeetna riverbank to get a full overview of the Alaska Range
-Go fishing in World-class Salmon spots
-Hike on Maintained walking trails
-Visit the past at Talkeetna's Historical Society Museum
-Please your palate with Culinary Delights
    If you plan on spending some time in Talkeetna, check out our links page for local recommendations.

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