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Since 1999, Talkeetna Air Taxi has flown over 1,000 climbers per year into the Alaska Range - over three times the number of climbers flown by any other air service. (Statistics from National Park Service.)

Why do they all choose TAT!?

In the last decade, Paul Roderick has pioneered new glacier runways  for access to new areas for first ascents and simpler approaches. Paul and the crew have a reputation for knowing what climbers need. Just ask: Jack Tackle, Jim Donini, Zoe Hart, Steve House, Marc Twight, Marko Prezelj, Kelli Cordes, Mark Westman, & the inimitable Fred Beckey (we have a copy of his black book on file…) They all fly with TAT.

Everyone at TAT loves the climbing season and we are excited about what expedition teams are doing. The level of attention you get with TAT is personal. We erect drying tents near our office and at the TAT climber bunkhouse. We shuttle you around Talkeetna with your gear, make sure your loved ones know that “no news is good news”, with a smile in our voice. We collect current BETA from climbers coming off routes on facebook, so you can have the most current conditions. TAT opens early and closes late to take advantage of “weather windows” to get you in or out of the mountains.

TAT has the only IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Ski-equipped aircrafts providing access to the Alaska Range – allowing for more frequent runs in and out of the mountains for a prompt pick-up. This means we can climb above the Talkeetna valley weather to access the glaciers safely.  Our planes have been modified Alaska style: fat skis for powder snow, increased payload capability, cargo doors for easier loading, wing modifications allowing shorter take-offs/landings, bigger engines, and bigger propellers. These all sound really cool but they also translate into better performance, and most importantly all these modifications make us safer.

TAT hires pilots who are mountain enthusiasts, climbers, & skiers.  The Alaska Range is their playground. On days off you will see them flying, landing at “secret” glaciers, and skiing. Their experience and training assure your delivery and pick up in an efficient and professional fashion. 

The flight from Talkeetna into the Alaska Range is an incredible experience that will fire your imagination. The adventure possibilities in this area are endless and we invite you to join the TAT family and make your trip the most enjoyable journey possible.

  -All flight costs include 125 pounds of gear per climber.  Additional gear is charged $1 per pound.

-All flights are subject to 5% Federal Transportation Tax.

-Due to government regulations, we are not able to carry propane on a flight that contains passengers.

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"After years of flying and climbing in Alaska, no one better serves the climbers in the Alaska Range than Paul Roderick and TAT. Dependability, expertise, dedication to climbers and their objectives- all point towards Paul and TAT as your number one choice."

Jack Tackle -Bozeman, MT