General Information About The Tour

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race stops at Rainy Pass Lodge, using the Lodge as one of its main check points. Over 70 teams race more than eleven hundred miles from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.  Rainy Pass Lodge is located on the historic Iditarod Trail 125 miles Northwest of Anchorage in a pristine and dramatic landscape.  Visitors enjoy interacting with the dogs and with the mushers as they feed and tend to the needs of their dogs.  It is recommended to bring a lunch for this day trip excursion.  Trips to Rainy Pass are scheduled for Monday after the Iditarod restart in Willow.  

Cost: $650 / Person


Tour Name:

Iditarod - A Day at Rainy Pass Checkpoint


7-9 hours


Cost: $650 per person

Cost includes flight only. There may be other expenses during the day.
Departure is Monday following the Iditarod start.
9-10:00 am depart from Talkeetna for Rainy Pass Lodge
5-6:00 pm return from Rainy Pass Lodge to Talkeetna
*There is an 8% tax on all flight tours.