Helicopter Service FAQ's

There are two Robinson R44 II Raven helicopters in our fleet.

No, helicopters are not permitted to land in the National Park.  Our helicopter scenic flights offer wilderness landing which may be on snow, ice or tundra depending on the season and availability.

Individual passenger weight must be under 280 lbs.  The total weight of passengers must not exceed 600 lbs, and a maximum of three passengers.

No, when carrying a sling load, there may be no passengers on board.  Maximum weight for a sling load is 450-500 lbs depending on the load.

We recommend making a reservation to ensure the time and the pilot are available for the flight.

The helicopter landing zone required for a pick up/drop off is as follows:

From the center point there needs to be a 50 ft radius (100 ft circle) free from trees and obstacles, within that circle, from the centerpoint there needs to be a 25 ft radius (50 ft circle) cleared of brush, no taller than 1 foot.  

The basket 175" (6 ft in length), 21" wide, and 15" tall.  The weight allowance is 170 lbs.  The basket weighs 50 lbs so the max weight capacity when used is 550 lbs.

If you need to contact our office for emergency or pick up, be sure to relay your group name and your message as clearly as possible.  

Our office is staffed 7 AM until 9 PM after May 1st until September 15th.

If you are calling from a sat or cell phone, you can contact our office at 1-907-733-2218.

If using an InReach contact via email at: [email protected]

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Grand Denali

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