Our Fleet

Talkeetna Air Taxi (TAT) is at the forefront of the latest innovations for your safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Our aircraft incorporate all the latest in cutting-edge technologies, materials, systems, and avionics. All of our aircraft provide each passenger with their own window and headset. The aircraft are all high wing for better visibility. TAT maintains the highest standards in our progressive maintenance program and each winter every aircraft is meticulously inspected. TAT has the only IFR ski and oxygen equipped aircraft providing access to the Alaska Range.

Our fleet consists of ten aircraft

5 – DeHavilland Turbine Otters
3 – DeHavilland Beavers
1  – Cessna 185

2 - Robinson 44 Raven II Helicopter

The aircraft you fly in has a huge impact on the quality of your flightseeing tour. That is why TAT invests in these special modifications to ensure our passengers enjoyment, comfort & safety.

  • High Lift Wing modifications 
  • Structural upgrades
  • Wide skis for take-off performance
  • Titanium landing gear 
  • High visibility lighting systems
  • Advanced avionics