Climbing Support

Climbing Support

Talkeetna Air Taxi leads the way providing air support for climbers to Denali and other remote regions of Alaska.  We not only fly where you want to go but also take care of you before and after the glacier.  TAT continues to pioneer glacier runways for access to new areas and first ascents to simplify approaches.

Paul Roderick and the crew of handpicked glacier pilots have a reputation for knowing what climbers need.  Some of our fans include:  Jack Tackle, Steve House, Mark Twight, Marko Prezelj, Mark Westman, Jim Donini, Colin Haley, George Lowe and the inimitable Fred Beckey.

Flying climbers from all over the world has been the backbone of our business and how flights got started in and around Denali.  The level of attention climbers receive is personal.  We have a staging area to practice crevasse rescue and sort gear.  We offer a bunkhouse and drying tents free of charge.

TAT uses instrument equipped Otters allowing for more frequent runs in and out of the mountains, which translates to more climbing and skiing or swift pick ups.  TAT hires pilots who are mountain enthusiasts, climbers or skiers where the Alaska Range is their playground.  On days off they can be seen playing in the mountains.  Their experience and training assure your delivery and pick up in an efficient and professional fashion.

The flight from Talkeetna into the Alaska Range is an incredible experience that will fire your imagination.  The adventure possibilities in this area are endless and we invite you to join us in our passion.



  • All flight costs include 125 pounds of gear per climber.  Additional gear is charged $2 per pound.
  • All flights are subject to 7.5% Federal Transportation Tax and 3% Borough Tax
  • Due to government regulations, we are not able to carry propane, including green Coleman canisters on a flight that contains passengers.
  • TAT office hours are from 7 am to 7 pm beginning May 1st.  Please register with us upon arrival to begin your Climber Check In Process.  You will be assigned a departure time upon completion of the full check in process.

Additional Costs

Base Camp Fee
$40 per person
Expedition Size Sled Rental (60″ long, 20″ wide, 6″ deep)
$10 per sled / trip
Coleman Fuel (White Gas cached at Base Camp)
$25 gallon
Wands (Trail Markers)
$10 for set of 25
FRS Family Band Radio
$45 per radio
Route Inspection, while enroute to destination
Inspection flight / glacier to glacier shuttle
$225.00 per person
Other Glacier Shuttles
Federal Transportation Tax
Borough Tax
7.5% of total flight cost
3% of total cost

Climbing Rates

Kahiltna Glacier – Denali Base Camp

7,200’ level of the SE Fork Kahiltna Glacier


  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 58.026 W 151° 10.071
  • A.K.A.: Base Camp – South East Fork – Kahiltna International Airport
  • Denali Routes: West Buttress, West Rib, Cassin Ridge, South Face, South Buttress
  • Mt. Hunter/Routes: West Ridge, North Buttress, Rattle & Hum, Deprivation, Moonflower
  • Mt. Foraker/Routes: Infinite Spur, Sultana Ridge
  • Also access for: Kahiltna Queen, Mt. Frances, Control Tower, Kahiltna Peaks, Kahiltna Dome, Crosson.

Ruth Glacier – Sheldon Mountain House



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 58.040’ W 150° 44.927’
  • AKA: Sheldon Mountain House – Don Sheldon Amphitheater
  • Denali Route: Isis Face (South Buttress), Reality Ridge, Ridge of No Return
  • Mooses Tooth
  • Barille
  • Dickey
  • Dan Beard
  • PK 11,300’

Ruth Gorge

4,500’ level of the Ruth Glacier


  • GPS Coordinates: N62° 52.433’ W 150° 41.171’
  • Mooses Tooth West Side
  • Mt. Dickey
  • The Stump
  • Eye Tooth
  • Church
  • Johnson
  • Barrille
  • Wake
  • and other big walls

Ruth Glacier – West Fork



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 59′ W 150° 55′
  • Peak 11,300
  • Reality Ridge
  • North Face Huntington

Root Canal



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 57.796 W 150° 37.778’
  • Moose’s Tooth
  • Ham and Eggs
  • Shaken Not Stirred
  • Bear Tooth

Tokositna Glacier – West Fork



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 59.108’ W 150° 53.174’
  • Mt. Hunter – Northeast access

Tokositna Glacier – East Fork

7,300′ – 8,200’


  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 58.478’ W 150 ° 55.530’
  • Mt. Huntington – Harvard Route
  • Mt. Huntington – West Face Couloir
  • Mt. Huntington – French Ridge

Little Switzerland – Pika Glacier



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 41.865’ W 151° 11.889’
  • The Throne
  • Middle Troll
  • Lost Marsupial
  • Royal Tower
  • Alpine and rock climbing and great skiing

Coffee Glacier

5,800′ and 7,400′


  • GPS Coordinates: N 62º55.898′ W 150º37.564′ and N 62º57.944′ W 150º32.975′

Backside Glacier



  • GPS Coordinates: N ##




  • GPS Coordinates: N 62º37.906′ W 151º28.017′

Glacier 1



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62º54.740′ W 150º30.580′

Revelation Mountains



  • GPS Coordinates: ##

Buckskin Glacier



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 59.180’ W 150° 32.070’
  • E Face Moose’s Tooth
  • N Face Broken Tooth

Eldridge Glacier



  • GPS Coordinates: N 63° 01.249’ W 150° 27.933’
  • Various climbing and ski touring

Thunder Glacier



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 554.032’ W 151° 08.599’
  • Mt. Hunter – SW Ridge
  • Thunder Mountain NF

Yentna Glacier



  • GPS Coordinates: N 62° 49.180′ W 151° 49.377′
  • Mt. Russell
  • Uncharted territory

Hayes Range – all glaciers


  • Mt. Hayes
  • Mt. Hess
  • Mt. Deborah

Talkeetna Mountains – all glaciers


  • Mt. Sovereign and many unclimbed peaks; excellent skiing
  • Includes Swiftsure Glacier drop off

Kantishna – Wonder Lake or air strip


  • Denali traverse via Muldrow to Kahiltna
  • Denali – Muldrow Glacier route

Tordrillo Mountains


  • Various Glaciers
  • Hayes Glacier
  • Capps Glacier
  • Triumvirate Glacier

Kichatna Spires – all glaciers


  • Some of the greatest walls on the planet and very remote

We perform more glacier landings than any other company in the world.