Paul Roderick

Director of Operations - Since 1996

  • If Denali National Park was a 3D chess game, Paul would be the Bobby Fischer of the Park.  He always knows where it's good to land, where all the climbers are and at what point they are in their climb.
  • Began flying when he was twelve and started with Talkeetna Air Taxi in 1992 before he took over in 1996.
  •  Paul loves to be outside, preferably skiing or climbing with his family.

Richard Olmsted

Chief Pilot - Since 2000

  • Richard has been flying Denali National Park since 1993.
  • When Richard talks, everyone listens...he leads the company in smilin'!
  • Stoicism and knowledge exude from Richard.

Annie Duquette

Office Manager - Since 1999

  • Annie began her career in Talkeetna working for all the Air Taxi's as the "Base Camp Manager", living on the glacier for 2 1/2 months per year and was featured on many television programs, magazines & newspapers.
  • After 10 years as Base Camp Manager, she decided to move to "Office manager" for Talkeetna Air Taxi. 
  • Annie ensures that Customer Service is never compromised.

Mary Vukson

Assistant Manager - Since 2005

  • You can usually find her womanning the aircraft radio or scheduling your next flight with ease.
  • Mary enjoys gardening, and sharing her giant vegetables in the summer. 

Yvonne Brunsting

Accounting - Since 1997

  • Yvonne is our Wonder Woman who saves the day twice a month writing our paychecks.
  • She has lived in Talkeetna since 1997 which has helped to inspire her creative artwork you may see in the Downtown Gallery.
  • She is the oil that keep Talkeetna Air Taxi running smoothly.

Will Boardman

TAT Pilot - Since 2006

  • Flying Denali National Park since 2004
  • He often goes off gallivanting in the far stretches of the mountain ranges of Alaska to ski, climb and you can catch him paragliding too.... If you're real fast.
  • Will has become our R 44 expert finding new places for new adventures.

Jonathan Kincaid

TAT Pilot - Since 2004

  • The Kincaid Kid returns...back by popular demand.
  • Jonathan took a hiatus from TAT to fly the West coast of Alaska based out of Kotzebue.
  • He is part of the pacer crew that spends his days off gallivanting in the mountains and exploring Alaska by air.

Dave Wiewel

TAT Pilot - Since 2014

  • Dave has been flying for 51 years, receiving his pilot's license when he was 16 years old.
  • He spends his winters in Colorado where he enjoys skiing. Another top hobby of his is gardening.

Clay Dillard

TAT Pilot - Since 2015

  • Before joining the TAT Team, Clay spent a year and a half in Africa flying and working with Doctors without Borders.
  • Originally from South Carolina, Clay came to Alaska six years ago and has enjoyed exploring the outdoors from the air and on the ground since!

Kris Peterson

TAT Pilot - Since 2015

  • Kris joins us from Kodiak Island, where he flew from 2008-2015. 
  • He was brought to our neck of the woods by his interest in fly-fishing, back-country skiing and, of course, aviation.
  • Kris is a "Hanger Ping-Pong" enthusiast on rainy days here at TAT. 

Leighan Falley

TAT Pilot - Since 2015

  • Leighan is an Alaskan local, growing up in Fairbanks and spending the last decade here in Talkeetna. 
  • She was locally trained as a pilot right here in Talkeetna and has been flying around the Alaska Range for 11 years!
  • Previously she has worked as a mountaineering guide here in Talkeetna and is one of the few people to make it to the summit of Denali twice within six days. 

Andy Young

TAT Pilot - Since 2015

  • Andy operates his own flight seeing business in the Rocky Mountains out of Boulder, Colorado in the winter.
  • Concurrent with his career in flying he spent 20 years working in the Antarctic and 15 years on the Juneau Icefield in support of scientific research.
  • Andy joins the list of TAT staff that have made it to the summit of Denali, climbing it himself in 1993!